Many people think that meeting deadline is important, but others especially those who have problems with handling assignments on time do not agree. That is why let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of doing work on time. I decided to provide my thoughts in a bit philosophic way, but still it is worth discussing. As for me, the only negative thing of late passing is an additional time for improving the assignment.

Why it is Important to Turn in Assignments on Time Essay

On the other hand, students who submit their assignments on time develop their personality and such important traits as sense of accomplishment and responsibility, of appreciation and respect. Furthermore, he/she becomes disciplined and punctual as well as learns how to achieve their goals. In addition to this, missing the deadline could lead to bad consequences, such as bad marks and additional tasks. Developing these skills is important for police officers because it is an undeniable fact that they should be responsible, respectful, punctual and be able to achieve their goals. Thereby now, I would like to talk about every advantage in detail.

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Let me start with such an important thing as punctuality. The first thing that needs to be said is “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. Eternal postponing until later, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, etc. is a completely wrong approach to work. Furthermore, then when the time comes “for later” is already too late… In addition, for the same reason a student may reinforce in memory the name of his/her course paper, which was given to him/her six months ago. Now he/she definitely has no time to write it, since he/she has always distracted to other “more serious” business. Moreover, during the last week before the due time he/she has some kind of a survival instinct that he/she miraculously manage to write 100 pages.

Fortunately, our consciousness really starts to work as we grow up. We already start to realize that the best thing is to do everything in time. After all, we learn to be responsible and we realize that order in everything is very important.

A number of key issues arise from the statement, for instance, punctuality or doing all on time. Delays or hindrance at work is a sign of an unreliable person. The principle of doing everything on time applies to all tasks. However, it is said that punctuality is the politeness of kings. I would say “Punctuality is politeness.” I believe that punctuality depends on a personal organization of a person. I think the main reason of being not punctual is that we always find some justification like “peel on the road”. If we repeatedly justify being late, and others say the true reason for being late, then eventually a desire not to be late will disappear.

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The main thing is that it is the most punctual people who are irritated because others cause delays. Every person usually thinks that he/she is punctual and we publicly declare that we are well-organized people. We are okay … well almost … whether it is all good, as soon as the session, project, repair are finished. Charming, witty, gallant, well … It will not help if a young person is not punctual as well irresponsible and not keeping promises. Namely, he allows himself to be one hour late for a meeting, or to handle some work after the deadline. First, we allow ourselves to be late at school, then at work. Moreover, the reason for being late is not because the alarm broke, or the bus did not arrive on schedule, it is just because we just decided to lie in bed extra 20 minutes or changed twice in the morning. All managers consider as necessary to adhere to the stated schedule and plans.

Punctuality in life is very important

Punctual employees are respected, trusted with important things, set as an example and awarded with bonuses or financial rewards. Punctual intelligent leaders create an image not only of their business but also of a serious, rigorous, reliable, fair and confident person. Such an individual is trusted with not only personal secrets, but also business. Punctual workers are rarely fired. Discipline is paramount for police officers in order to ensure reliable public order and inviolability of citizens` rights. Life requires a person to be disciplined and perform clearly.
School discipline is adherence to the rules of conduct by students at school and beyond, clear and organized performance of their duties, etc. Students need to understand that it is important to be disciplined and perform the accepted norms and rules at school and in public places.

Conscious discipline is based on the conscious performance of social principles and behavior; it is based on the formation of the following features:

  • Discipline – desire and ability of individuals to control their behavior according to social norms and regulations;
  • Moral awareness – awareness of the need to follow individual and social moral norms;
  • Responsibility – quality of an individual, which is characterized by desire and ability to evaluate their behavior in terms of its appropriateness or harm to society, comparing their actions with the requirements, standards and laws present in the society.

When teaching students of proper behavior at school and beyond it is important to monitor their behavior taking into consideration handling of the assignments on time, and to take appropriate actions against those who systematically miss the deadline without an important reason. Some schools have special magazines where students` misbehavior and educational measures applied to them are recorded. It helps teachers to timely analyze students` discipline, outline and take steps to improve it, to find out more about the living conditions of the students, get more acquainted with their families, to delve deeper into the inner world of individual students to identify weaknesses of educational work of the school and improve it.

When handling assignments on time, we become more disciplined. Furthermore, this trait is one of the most essential for a police officer. The key to success is a good discipline. Discipline is one of the most important conditions that need to be followed by any team member in a company of any category; discipline can create the highest possible standards and conditions of the work performed.

Discipline is a quite versatile category. It includes both punctuality and responsibility. Punctuality itself may be different. When it comes to punctuality of employees, they must be present at work in accordance with their contract of employment. Discipline represents a particular moral quality: it is a conscious subordination of a person`s conduct to certain rules and morals. Conscious discipline is seen when a student assumes responsibilities, follows rules and maintains order without constraint. At the same time discipline is a complete, complex and contradictory quality of an individual; it depends on the formation of ideology, belief, determination, will, initiative and independence. Individual and collective efforts of students create this quality. Students usually gain this quality through hard work, initiative, responsibility, perseverance and activity. Of great importance is self-discipline when a student consciously struggles with laziness. One of the components of the moral character of students is self-regulatory activities aimed at improving their personality. In addition, students are usually taught such moral qualities as honesty, openness and so on.

For students of a police academy, performance, organization and discipline are very important. Discipline is manifested not only in meeting the requirements not to be late, not to miss classes, etc., but also in the performance of tasks, timely implementation and delivery of work, etc.

The next moral issue, which we are taught when meeting deadlines, is responsibility. What is responsibility? It is an ability of a particular person or a group of people to assume obligations. Responsibility is an ability in any, even the most difficult situations, to make everything dependent on us, and not place our problems on others. What is responsibility? It is willingness to do what is necessary, taking the initiative.

Responsibility is a personal volition. Therefore, responsibility is:

  • An ability to realize the fact that success, quality of living conditions and personal fulfillment is only in our hands;
  • Readiness for fulfillment of obligations and promises;
  • An ability to understand the consequences of an individual`s decisions and actions.

Responsibility provides a person with certain advantages that are:

  • Self -reliance and confidence;
  • Formation of self-respect and respect for other people;
  • Self-control;
  • Rational assessment of other people`s behavior.

That is why when a person hands an assignment on time he/she is considered as a responsible person who is ready to answer for his/her actions. It is important to work hard in order to meet a deadline and develop a sense of appreciation. Everybody has a need for recognition. It can be achieved through achievements, confidence or demonstration of a person`s experience in a particular field of study. Recognition can be achieved through development and good reputation, assertiveness and gain of a higher status. All people feel the need for respect, which is awareness of personal achievement, competence and recognition. They need a sense of the value. In addition, they need respect, based on their achievements while competing with others. All these needs are closely related to the notion of status, which means “weight” or “importance” of the person in the eyes of others. An ability to meet such needs can serve as a powerful motivating factor at work.

People require recognition and affirmation. These needs reflect the desire of people to be confident, competent and respected. People with strong needs tend to leadership, recognition of authority in the team. When managing such people various forms of recognition apart from moral encouragement must be used. When the need for self-esteem is met, it leads to a feeling of self-confidence, dignity, and a sense of power. Failure to meet these needs could result in developing a sense of inferiority, weakness and helplessness.

Another thing that we learn when handing home assignments on time is the ability to meet our targets. Jim Rohn, famous American businessperson, once said, “I will climb this mountain. They say it is too high, too unavailable, too steep, too rocky and too difficult to climb. But it is my mountain. I am able to conquer it. Soon you will see how I shake the hand on the top of it, or die on the outskirts of it.” The same is with our assignments; at the beginning, we suppose that this task is too hard to perform, but when we set the target of tackling all problems, the result may impress even ourselves.

Definition of personal goals is something like a hammer, allowing us to break old patterns of thinking. We can find the truth about ourselves. Just discovering our personality, we can discover our talents and identify personal goals. The basis of any activity is based on an objective. Purpose is a line of a person’s action that reveals the nature and structure of the individual. The process of setting goals is based on an analysis of the preconditions for its implementation called goal formation. When a person sets the goals him/herself, this indicates that this person is at a higher level of development as compared to a person who is trying to achieve a goal set by other people. If person has aims, he/she tends to work hard to achieve these aims.

It is much harder than in the case when a goal (task) is set by other people:

  • A clear statement of purpose activities (what to do, what to study, what to learn)
  • Awareness of the activities (which is necessary)
  • Definition of means needed to achieve the goal
  • Analysis of difficulties faced when achieving the goal and means of overcoming them.
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Moreover, after accomplishing a task on time, we wake up a feeling of accomplishment and we can respire and start doing other things. Understanding of the moral duty is always associated with a voluntary action. Duty could be performed out of fear or for the sake of reward, and the educational duties contain both of those reasons. The formation of a sense of duty, an understanding of its reasons allows us to do well and according to our conscience, not only according to the requirements of a teacher.

Every human action, because of the chosen solution, somehow violates the interests of others as well as society. Because a moral choice of an individual becomes a certain value to other people, it always puts the responsibility on the individual. This responsibility can be conditionally divided into internal and external. Internal accountability is an attribute of moral categories such as conscience; it expresses an ability of individuals to realize the consequences of their actions. External accountability is expressed in the form of sanctions against an individual`s actions.

Responsibility means an ability to understand the needs of others. Responsibility means an ability to control personal behavior and to avoid irrational decisions.
Being responsible means taking care of all the consequences of one`s actions. Responsible behavior opposes irresponsible one. Responsible action is the one that occurs without consequences for anybody. Irresponsibility is always associated with indifference and thoughtlessness or excessive self-confidence. First, irresponsibility means trying to shift the consequences of one`s actions on others.

Nevertheless, I want to talk about external responsibility and punishments for not handing assignments on time. Nowadays, the question of the use of encouragement and unusual punishment is very important. Most teachers use them as dominant, without taking into consideration that nowadays there are a lot of different methods and techniques. Nevertheless, despite such popularity of such methods as encouragement and unusual punishment, teachers use these techniques without thinking whether they are effective in pedagogical terms. Stimulation methods and techniques are aimed at encouraging students to improve their behavior. Direct and immediate purpose of such incentives is to speed up or slow down certain actions.
Encouragement reinforces positive habits and increases responsibility.

It is all about the above-mentioned appreciation of work, and if we submit a paper after the deadline, we will not get any encouragement but only punishment. Penalty is a method of influence that is used to prevent unwanted actions, stop negative manifestations of an individual with the help of a negative assessment of his/her actions, generation of guilt and shame etc.

However, many outstanding teachers support the idea that “real” education should be without punishments and rewards; this is a kind of a perfect relations between teachers and students.
Let`s consider the most common form of punishment, which is teacher`s comments.

Another form of punishment is a reprimand. It is a moral condemnation of a student`s acts. It is usually used when a student misses the deadline on a regular basis.
Expulsion as a form of penalty is the most rigid one, but its usefulness, to say the least, is questionable. It should be done only if it will have a real educational effect.
However, the most widely spread method of punishment is bad marks. That is why it is important to submit homework on time in order to avoid such devastating effects.
Nowadays everybody faces a particular type of deadline. In order to avoid such a situation and not to think constantly that the deadline is approaching, there are a few little tricks.

Voice the deadlines to other people

Avoid vague promises like “soon” or “I will do it tomorrow”. “Soon”- is a rather vague concept. That is why, set specific dates and let other people interested in the fact of keeping the promise know about such dates (e.g., colleagues or other students). A phrase such as “This assignment will be handed at 4 pm on Thursday” is much more efficient.
The fact is that people, who are perfectly conscious of the need to do important things, ignore them and are constantly distracted by everyday trivia and entertainment.

Do the important things first

We should start doing the most important work instead of the most current or most difficult. Some things seem urgent, for example, phone calls, or responding to a new email.
Repeat, “Do it now”. In education, the most important is to start. Try to repeat the phrase “Do it now” aloud when no one is around. Procrastination is a kind of defense mechanism; it is a method of dealing with anxiety associated with a beginning or end of something.

Create your own reward system

We say to ourselves: “Yes, yes, I’ll start, but first I drink a cup of tea”. Teatime gradually flows into watching daytime programs as we work at home or reading the news on the Internet and social networking. Then we come back from the virtual reality and do not know time elapsed so quickly. We should try the following method: Assign yourself with a reward in the form of tea or cookies for an accomplished work (for example, writing of a 500-word report).

Use modern technologies to block the Internet

Many people complain, “I get 500 emails a day.” If we get 500 emails a day, we just have to put filters and turn off the alert when new emails are coming. Imagine that these letters are real people who continually come to us and interrupt our work – how would we react? We can also download free applications that block access to certain sites at certain times. Using them, we can make sure that entertainment sites and social networks are impossible to access between 10am and 6pm (unless our system administrator has permitted the access).

Organize your spare time

Start planning a weekend in the middle of a week. Many people think it is terribly boring, but they are wrong. Some people rarely get to their favorite restaurant on Saturday night only because all tables are booked in advance.

Avoid those who steal our time

Stay away from those people who are “eaters of time”. If we cannot avoid communication with them, a behavioral strategy will help us to bring the conversation to a minimum. Meeting with friends, who start a conversation with the words, “would never guess what happened to me last night” is the last thing we need when we need to finish a presentation as soon as possible. Instead of being “bogged down” in the verbal mud, say, “I really appreciate that you want to share this information with me. But can you do it later, after I finish my presentation?” If we think over what to say and how to say it in advance, it is unlikely that the other person will consider it rude.

Overall, I think that meeting deadlines may have only positive results. It is quite important for us as future police officers to be responsible, punctual and disciplined professionals. In addition to this, meeting deadlines would prevent us from such punishments as low marks and even expulsion. That is why we should learn and do our best not to postpone performance of a task in order to hand in our papers on time.

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