Story of my disappointment: my biggest pitfalls with essay writing or WHY
I've ordered at another service.
Dear team of,

Now, I’d like to share my story of returning to you (let’s call it this way; though I would’ve called it “No pay, no gain” or “You get exactly what you pay for”. It can be either money or energy, time, and nerves - you choose). Yet, let the story begin.

Not so long ago, I ordered a paper for my class from another custom writing company, which was quite an odious experience. And by saying “odious”, I really mean it! The thing that frustrated me as a customer the most was the amount of time and effort I had to spend to place and then get my order done at all. Though later, I became, so to say, “deeply concerned” about its quality (well, I have other words in mind, but I doubt that my feedback will ever get posted if I use actual f-words to describe everything that happened).

Yet, let’s get back on track with the whole story. So, at that time I was short on money and while searching for a cheap writing company I stumbled upon an online service with a nice website and very sweet prices. I thought “screw it, it’s worth giving a try! Prices are low, so I can check it”. Little did I know… And, thanks God, it wasn’t a last minute assignment to submit.

First, I spent quite some time simply trying to figure out how to place an order as there were no hints explaining how the system works. Being already puzzled, I wanted to get help from their live chat, but ta-dam - there was NO Support available. Fine, I accepted the challenge and eventually registered and placed my order, or I thought so because I did not receive any welcoming email on my registration nor any confirmation of my order placement. There was only silence even after I paid for the order. At some moment I panicked that I might have done smth wrong while ordering, but still there was no one on the other side to help me and simply say “hi, we received your order, wait for the writer to work on it”. Only later, after receiving several bids to work on my order, I realized that no support will answer and that it was me to do the whole work on finding the writer.

So, the next challenge in this quest was to choose a writer. For this, I had to read a bunch of offers from different writers who were willing to write my paper. But how in the world could I choose if I never saw a paper they did nor knew about their experience? Well, there were reviews and ratings in writers’ profiles that gave some insights about what to expect from that or another writer. So again, I spent quite some time on reviewing the bids and writers’ profiles, choosing the one I thought to be suitable, and then discussing the details with the chosen writer. But heck, it took so much time! At that point, I caught myself thinking that I would have written it faster by myself. Why in the world should it be so hard to buy a paper?

After numerous messages to and from my writer, I did receive my paper in time and, well okay, it was not a complete failure, at least at the first glance. Still, I had to revise it to make it the way I needed. But that wasn’t the end. Just when I was submitting it online, I received a report on plagiarism and AI, which showed that almost 40% of the paper was suspected to be AI-generated - that was smth I did not see coming! At that point, I had just 1 hour left to submit the paper! Thus, I ended up rewriting a big part of it myself. Well, I deserved that, I guess. That’s what you get when you want to pay less for smth that cannot possibly be that cheap.

So, guys, with you and I had a completely different experience. I never had a problem placing an order as I could talk to your support and they would always answer and help me. But the most pleasant thing, as I see it now, is that you take care of the whole process - finding the most suitable writer and making the paper perfect. Sure, sometimes I asked for revisions, but it was the writer to revise my paper and not me. I guess, my quest is over and you can take it as the “return of the prodigal son”. But I learned a lesson: good service and quality, and thus, peace of mind, cost money. And that’s not a thing to save on!


Honestly, I didn’t know if I could still trust another essay writing provider when I came to this site. I was a victim of two sites who only gave me plagiarized writing after they got my money. You’ve changed my mind about this kind of service. Thank you for giving an original paper that is well written and delivered on time.

Greg – Kansas, MS

Just like before, you were able to give me 100 percent satisfaction with a premium quality essay that was completed right on time.

Rebecca – Tampa, FL

I was getting desperate and needed assistance right away. On such a short notice, my writer was able to pull off a well-written research paper within the day. Your help means so much to me.

Nathalie – Tacoma, WA

You just saved me from long hours of writing a book report. I was able to work on something else. Two thumbs up for your customer service.

Edith R., LA

This is a great website for anyone like me who’s looking to improve her grades. Obviously, I got an A for a custom-written essay. Thanks to my writer who made a good impression with his patients and writing skills.

Nina – Los Angeles, CA

As a first-timer, I didn’t know what to expect from this kind of service though I was prepared to feel some sort of disappointment. I just realized I came to the right place when I saw how good the quality was and how fast you can deliver the essay.

Hilary – Washington, DC

Anybody who places an order for an essay cannot expect to get it very soon especially if your deadline is within the day. Well, I was desperate so I did that. Lucky for me, somebody attended to my needs real quick. A million thanks to you!

Johnson T. – Columbus, Georgia

This essay writing site guarantees satisfaction and delivers as promised. What’s more, I got an essay that’s better than expected and saved some dollars because of the discount.

Thomas – Tallahassee, FL

I made the right to choice to come to this essay writing site! My writer promptly delivered the essay I needed. You do have a competent and dependable staff as you promised.

Katrina – Grand Rapids, MI

For someone like me who was quite clueless about the formatting styles, it’s easy to lose hope that a quality essay can be written. Thanks to my writer who is obviously an expert on this. I can’t imagine writing this essay myself.

Stephen – Tulsa, OK

I was secretly worried what the final essay would look like because I kept on changing the requirements. What a pleasant surprise. I love the essay you wrote for me.

Christine – Mesa, AR

You did a great job of editing a low-quality essay written by another company.  I feel sorry for not coming here in the first place but all is well now because of your hard work. I can’t thank you enough for managing to produce a great essay with all the revisions you made.

Eric – Baltimore, MA
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