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While the vast majority of students are dreaming about studying abroad, only a small amount of graduates can boast about actually making their dream come true. It is believed that the main obstacle preventing students from going to study abroad and begetting fear to try one’s chance is high expenses one has to cover. Let’s dispel the myth about a far-fetched expenses barrier and figure out the average cost of studying abroad together.

How much does it cost to study abroad

To start with, it is necessary to understand what the cost of studying abroad includes in order to have an approximate idea of expenses for your living and studying in a foreign country.

One should take into consideration the fact that depending on a country he or she wants to study in, the average amount of money one will have to spend will vary between a few thousands dollars per semester to quite many thousands dollars. Such difference is explained by economic situation of each country and education policy of a university. According to the International Institute of Education research, studying abroad requires around $18,000 per semester, whereas in the U.K., for example, it varies between $8,000 and $21,000. To evaluate the cost of studying abroad that would correspond with all the internal, external or individual factors, one has to conduct a research concerning expenses that will have to be covered in a particular area.

To get an answer to the question “How much does it cost to study abroad”, make sure you went thorough through the following points: tuition, housing, transportation and etc.

Tuition is definitely the biggest and the primary expense one has to cover to study abroad. Pay attention to the tuition fees, types of funding and terms of public education system a host institution has in order to choose a place that would hit your pockets.

Secondly, investigate whether a program you take part in offers you a living and provides you with meals. If not, rent and food would be another huge concern a student will face with when studying in a foreign country. Moreover, the cost you will have to spend will depend on the currency and the average level of living of the local population.

Another expense that belongs to the category of major expenses a student has to cover is transportation. Figure out whether your program covers the cost of flight to a host country and the way back home. Also pay attention to the cost of public transportation, which you are likely to use on a daily basis. As everything else the cost of this expense will depend on the economic situation of the country you will travel to.

These are the main expenses one should worry about while investigating the question of how much it costs to study abroad. It is also important to be extremely attentive while reading the terms of a program you take part in as well as try having a wrack at participating and winning some scholarships. View your opportunity to study abroad from all the possible ankles. The world is your oyster!

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