Beautyism and Its Potential Discriminatory Effects on Hiring in the Workplace

The current paper outlines the main features of beauty bias. At the beginning of the paper, the article focuses on bringing some understanding of beautyism in the workplace by defining this concept. The research has four logically put parts, which reflect the essence of the selected topic. In fact, the paper reflects the point explaining a negative aspect of putting appearance as a central element in hiring practices. Further, the analysis explains the importance of extending hiring practices beyond the borders of appearance. In addition, the study reflects the role of business in the development of society and its impact on the development of future generations.

Contemporary management is comprehensive measures, which formulate a platform of effective performance. It is a flexible system of indicators affecting the performance of the company aimed to lead it to success. In fact, contemporary companies tend to face numerous problems. They may lead to various conflicts within a working environment. Beautyism in the workplace is one of the most serious problems. The company in the light of today’s problems in management could meet it. It is the fact that many companies take care of their reputation in all aspects. Face-control in hiring practices has become a normal phenomenon for many companies. It is important to take into account every aspect of the problem. It should be done in order to understand its effect on the company’s performance, hiring practices and employees’ respond to the strict selection based on the appearance factors.

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Beautyism is a phenomenon, which penetrates the segment of business as a category of natural respond of a manager towards the selection of a candidate in hiring practices. Any respond is natural as long as it is in human nature to make choices in favor of attractive objects. It is a subconscious reaction to processes and objects in the surrounding world. However, beautyism may have the abusive nature from the point of those who fall under a process of selection. In fact, it is possible to see effects of beautyism from different points. For example, it is possible to see the effects on individuals looking for a job through the lens of numerous investigations. They show that an attractive man is most likely to earn $250 000 over his career. Meanwhile his counterpart can hardly move on a career ladder and generate enough profits in order to take care of his family. It is a natural phenomenon, which penetrates contemporary business. However, it can be considered as a lottery, which does not ensure in bringing profits to the company and extending its performance to the optimum level. Attractiveness is a vague indicator, which can cease or increase the organization’s performance. However, it has a significant influence on the firm’s performance in both positive and negative ways. In order to understand the nature of the discussed topic, it is necessary to consider every aspect of beautyism influencing the development of the company along with its hiring practices. Moreover, it is possible to claim as follows. There is a significant influence on the reputation of the organization, which strives to hire attractive candidates and take care of its image in its essence. However, it is possible to see that many managers confuse the meaning of image when they consider it as a management tool.

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The influence of beautyism is unbearable and undeniable. It is supported by various facts from the statistics. Approximately 3% of candidates have already turned to the services of cosmetic surgery in order to apply for a job. The other part, i.e. 73%, believe that appearance is one of the most important elements in hiring practices. They suppose it is impossible to apply for any job without meeting appropriate appearance criteria. Almost 82% believe that cosmetic procedures can increase their chances to get the job of their dream (Judge & Cable, 2004). In fact, all of respondents are aware of the fact that business considers appearance as a significant element in hiring practices. However, look does not always mean that the organization will benefit from the hired candidate. Skills, experience, and appearance do not always have the same combination in one candidate. In addition, it is a part of discrimination based on appearance. It is a beauty bias, which takes place in any workplace. It has a negative influence on the development of appropriate corporate spirit. In addition, it has a selfish nature, which encourages employees to focus on appearance instead of the set of skills and experiences. The latter ones are most likely to improve the performance of the organization. Moreover, discrimination within a workplace can increase a turnover rate of employees who have enough knowledge, skills and experience. However, these ones do not meet the corporate beauty criteria. It can become a devastative practice of workforce in the company.

The Chair’s Behavior from a Human Resource Management Perspective

From the perspective of human resource management, the Chair’s behavior is inefficient and does not have any economically approved basement. In fact, it will have a significant effect on the performance of college. It is unacceptable to perform in such a way the Chair does as long as it prevents the development of college. There are different factors, which have a negative influence on the activities of any educational institution. It needs a special attention from the side of administration (Mahajan, 2007). Education is a segment of social activity, which requires taking wise decisions leading to the development of education. In addition, these solutions should help to regulate the processes flowing inside any college and its cooperation activities. In fact, knowledge, skills, and experience have become one of the most important key-success indicators. They should lead college to the development and improvement. Education has a significant influence on the society. It is unacceptable to neglect the selection of candidates. Worries of the committee regarding the decision of the Chair are normal as long as the Chair’s colleagues realize the importance of choice.

However, it is possible to approve the Chair’s decision at some point. The case presented does not contain enough information to judge actions of Chair. For example, it is not appropriate to hire a candidate with tattoos, body piercings, and other visible body adornments within an educational institution. College should be a source of examples, which students are most likely to follow (Malos, 2007). It can become a negative influence on the development of youth. However, young people tend to make a free choice of making tattoos or body piercings. In fact, educational institutions should be a source of purity and appropriate behavior, which can set the core values in the development of young minds. In addition, it is important to have the same dress code for every employee in order to promote equality within a workplace at least from the perspective of clothes.

The Chair did not act appropriately in the process of candidate selection. It is obvious that the committee disapproves the decision as long as there is beauty bias. Discrimination in the educational institution is also another mistake, which can lead to disappointing outcomes in the face of students going through the learning process. In addition, it is important to mention that students tend to develop behavioral and cultural responses to the processes running within the external world (Rudman & Phelan, 2008). It means that discrimination in a workplace will set the same behavior of students in future and continue a flow of discrimination within the working environment. The Chair’s decision is unfair enough to promote a further negative impact on the development of society with its social segments.

The Action that the Hiring Committee Should Take to Handle the Hiring Decision

In order to avoid discrimination and take an appropriate response to actions of the Chair, it is necessary to have a committee take an action towards elimination of the problem. As soon as it notices a negative tendency in the selection process and hiring practices, it is necessary to take an immediate action. In order to make the process flexible, it will be important to take certain steps, which will have a positive influence on the selection process. First, it is important to interview every candidate with the same set of questions. This process should start from making candidates fill in forms of questionnaires without attaching photos to them. It will help to focus on the information presented in a form instead of taking into account only appearance factors. In addition, it is necessary to conduct the selection process in several stages. The first step should collect the whole set of information on each candidate, which will be assessed further on other stages by the committee. The second stage should have personal meetings with the selection of those candidates being smart enough with an enormous set of skills, knowledge, and experiences. The third stage should offer candidates the diversity of cases and creative tasks, which will help to reflect an ability to work in a team and take decisions along with other team members. Teamwork is one of the most important parts in the performance of any institution regardless of its sphere of activity. In addition, it should be a comprehensive assessment, which will reflect skills and abilities of every candidate. By the end of the selection process, the committee should present the results to the Chair and take a common decision. It will become the most beneficial point in the hiring process. It is unacceptable to hire candidates based only on the appearance factors for several reasons. First, it is a discriminatory element in the performance of college. Secondly, this decision does not have enough judgments in order to prove its efficiency. In general, Chair should listen to the committee and should not take fast decisions, which do not have any explanation.

In general, it is possible to claim that the committee and the Chair should act together in order to cooperate and generate appropriate decisions towards hiring practices. The process should be complex enough to evaluate skills and knowledge of candidates. It should approve that their participation in the development of the educational institution will be beneficial. Hiring practices should have a focus on the development instead of the image. In addition, it should become a mandatory element to provide candidates applying for a job with a complex selection process. It will ensure candidates in the clarity of hiring practices. However, the dress code and other requirements around appearance should be one of the leading elements in the performance of the educational institution. Students should have some examples to be willing to follow. It means that the committee and the Chair should develop a set of rules and principles. They will become the core of both the performance of college and its hiring practices. Equality should become a platform of any activity running within college.

To What Degree and Why Attractive Candidates May Be Given Unfair Consideration during Hiring Processes

Attractiveness is a serious topic for the discussion within the segment of hiring practices. In addition, it often aligns with unfairness of choice. There are several examples and reasons of such a phenomenon, which penetrates contemporary hiring practices. First, it is necessary to take into account a factor of appearance, which can be a dangerous element in the performance of the company. For example, the case has reflected that educational institutions should take care of hiring candidates without any bodily adornments (piercings and tattoos). However, it is possible to hide these elements with the help of appropriate dress code. It means that every problem may have a solution even if the company tends to select candidates according to the appearance factors. It is hard to predict the degree of unfairness as long as every company has its own hiring practices. In general, it is obvious that it increases along with the organization’s intention to hire the candidate based only on his appearance factors. The second example of unfair decisions focuses on the problem of taking care of the firm’s image with the help of appearance of its employees. However, it is impossible to predict an appropriate development of the organization and its movement towards success within the selected system of hiring practices. In fact, it will have a negative influence on the activity of the company and its penetration with workforce willing to work on the development of business.

One of the most significant problems lying within the field of hiring practices is discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. These factors are the most common problems for business. They continue to spread despite social efforts to combat these problematic situations. Companies tend to make choices based on employee’s preferences or his cultural peculiarities. However, it is impossible to make judgments based on appearance. In general, it is a phenomenon of subconscious mind, which makes the selection based on the appearance of an object. However, the problem of the contemporary business is that it does not take into account other factors. A few companies allow its employees to have a casual dress code and choose their own way of expressing themselves. The majority of companies have strict rules, which cross discrimination in several aspects. In general, it is possible to claim that dress code is a light form of restriction penetrating hiring practices of companies. Hiring practices can also be abusive leading to wrong conclusions within candidates. The latter ones turn to cosmetic surgery afterwards in order to obtain the job of their dream.

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In addition, many companies provoke employees to forget about increasing their skills and knowledge and paying too much attention to the appearance instead. This practice can be appropriate only for modeling business or a field of entertainment. It is unacceptable to have the same rules in the fields of management, education or any other business segment, which promotes the development of the whole society. In addition, the world should not forget that its performance today leads to the development of the future generation. Contemporary companies act in an abusive way, which makes it normal for future generations. Appearance has become a focus, which destroys a natural selection. As long as companies act carelessly towards evaluation of skills and experiences, candidates tend not to be interested in taking care of increasing knowledge or any other element, which can help to grow within business. Appearance has become a disease of many nations, which strive to achieve perfection in everything. However, this practice does not have any positive effect on business excellence. Probably, it can become one of the most significant problems of the business segment in future.

In conclusion, it is possible to claim that the selected problem in management is one of the most common problems. It worries minds of many business leaders. It is unacceptable to implement any hiring practices based on attractiveness in the company’s performance. As long as the organization strives to achieve efficient results in the improvement of its financial stability, it is necessary to select candidates, which obtain enough skills and experience regardless of their attractiveness. In business, beauty of the company reflects its ability to achieve long-term success and promote its further development. Finally, the world should take an appropriate action in order to combat an inappropriate activity circulating in the segment of business in order to promote its development. It should become a mandatory element of any company to take care of making right choices of candidates. They will lead to the overall development of the society along with business. Business should become responsible for the development as long as it is a powerful booster regulating the performance of society. An educational sector should also perform in cooperation with business in order to prevent beauty bias within a workplace.

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