Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known as Che Guevara or just Che, is a galvanizing symbol for contemporary young people even now in the twenty-first century. He represents a figure of a passionate radical fighter against the hegemony of capitalism and oppression, who lived by his principles and died fighting for them. His image, ideas, and name make up the symbolism of the fight against injustice and exploitation. Even those who do not share his revolutionary ideas cannot escape the effect of his extraordinary charisma.

Che Guevara’s Leadership

Che Guevara’s life is an outstanding case study of the influence of circumstances and background on the views and way of life of the individual. Various social, psychological, and historical conditions molded his personality and made him follow his path. He is distinct from a stereotypical revolutionary leader. He had never demonstrated the behavior that neglected, violated, destructed or harmed his followers or missions. His leadership can be described as constructive. He had numerous followers, who supported his vision and exerted all possible efforts to stand for him.

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Born to an aristocratic family, Che was brought up in the atmosphere of liberal debate and discussion of political issues. Even being a child, he demonstrated his willingness to rebel against any injustice he faced. His first leadership role in the gang of street urchins was the evidence of his remarkable wit, intelligence, and his great desire for justice and equality. Persistence and confidence helped him enter medical school against the will of his parents. Motorcycle rides across Latin America served as an eye-opener to see the economic and social oppression. A physician and an intellectual, he turned into a killing machine for the sake of other people.

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Due to hard work, fearless attitude and daring nature, he climbed up to the highest rank of Commandante in the army. He could not bear any thought of surrender. He played the main role in the Cuban struggle, supported the revolution in Congo, served as the minister of finance, set out to take part in a notorious Bolivian affair. Having faced numerous difficulties and witnessed the horrors in Cuba, he was searching for a change and alternative way aimed at progress and development without oppression. His ambition was to spread the revolutionary ideas across the subcontinent.

Che Guevara’s courage, strength, dedication to the revolutionary ideas, determination and even disregard of his personal safety made him an undeniable leader while fighting in the army of Fidel. He managed to excite general admiration and devotion among the subordinates who were both loyal and affectionate towards him. Being capable of doing innumerable things from publishing newspapers and arranging various activities to excellent performance of military duties, he was considered an incredible personality, winning hearts of thousands.

Che’s revolutionary credentials are undoubted, but the durability of his image owes a lot to his personality. There were lots of other passionate revolutionary leaders but their names have been forgotten by now. The appeal of Che can be referred to as emotional. His image of a martyr to idealism still inspires the oppressed and gives them hope for change. He managed to be disinterested and altruistic throughout his life. His profound ideas as well as his willingness to risk his life for the sake of his noble ideas make him an outstanding leader of all times. Che Guevara is iconized all over the world as he got an image of a dauntless hero who had sacrificed his life in order to make the world free of injustice and oppression.

One of the most tragic and controversial figures in the history of the twentieth century, Che is the most recognizable face of the revolution in Cuba and a symbol of social protest. Having devoted his life to liberation, he managed to combine the roles of a courageous soldier and a charismatic leader. He was fighting for the freedom of people who betrayed him. Nevertheless, his sacrifices were done not in vain.

The cult of Che has greatly increased since his tragic death in 1967. His ubiquitous images can be found on backpacks, hats, posters, and jackets. His own life was parallel with the history of his country and after his death, the facts of his real life turned into myths. He has become a symbol of eternal ideas, a brand even. His story has been retold hundreds of times in books, songs and documentaries. A real figure is gradually disappearing swallowed by the legend.

Idealistic and practical, brutal and loving, naïve and complex, Che Guevara was a contradictory personality who has turned into a myth. He was a dreamer, motivated by love, ready to face the challenges of dominant powers of the world in his fight for freedom and justice. Liberation for him was an inescapable necessity; thus, he passionately pursued the emancipation of the oppressed and the poor.

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