It is undeniable that fast driving is fun. However, its consequences may be serious. There are several reasons why people speed. One of them is that they can be in a rush. Others speed because they do not pay attention to their driving. On the other hand, there are those who think that driving is not dangerous at all. Some even ignore the laws and assume that they will not be caught when speeding. Evidently, from 40 to 45% of drivers often ride or drive above the set speed limit. Men aged 17-39 are the most typical culprits when it concerns speeding (Harsha and Hedlund 257). Despite much fun associated with fast driving, most people have experienced much sadness due to losing their dears because of overspeed. Arguably, driving over the speed limit should be avoided.

Car accidents are a major consequence of fast driving. For the past few years, the number of accidents resulting from fast driving has been constantly increasing. In the U.S., the number of fatalities reported due to speed-related cases was 37,261 in 2008 (Malyshkina and Mannering 122). Despite many awareness campaigns aimed at decreasing the rates of car accidents, most drivers have become ignorant worsening the problem. Driving over the speed limit has numerous undesirable consequences, including death. Fast-driving drivers risk their lives because of a few minutes of pleasure. Car accidents cause trauma and injuries. Individuals who survive from them end up with severe injuries, such as the inability of normal functioning, losing a limb, and several scars on the body. Such results are more catastrophic than death.

Driving over the speed limit is illegal. The highway patrol, photo radars, sheriffs, and the local police are always on the lookout for any individual who breaks highway laws. On the other hand, a speeding ticket is costly. The defense of those persons who have received such fine depends on the nature of their speed limit. The latter has three categories, namely, absolute, presumed, and basic laws. Most states use an absolute speed law. If the speed sign shows 40mph and the driver is driving at 41mph or more, this means he/she has violated the law (Malyshkina and Mannering 122). The defense for violating absolute limit laws can be claiming that an emergency has forced the driver to exceed the limit to avoid an injury or damage to others or the driver himself. Another defense can be that the officer has confused the drivers’ car with other vehicle of a similar model. Drivers charged with violating presumed speed limits are accused of driving at an unsafe speed without considering conditions for which they have got a ticket The basic speed law prohibits driving over the speed limit. At times, speed can be below the set limit. Drivers who violate laws mentioned above can face incarceration.

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Despite the fact that speed kills, it also costly and can result in other problems. Vehicles traveling at a higher speed increase the amount of fuel usage. Thus, they are most likely to cause pollution to the environment. Speedy cars take up fuel faster, and thus, the driver will spend much on fuel. Evidently, driving fast in most instances increases the wear and tear of a car (Malyshkina and Mannering 124). For this reason, predicted reliability can drop. Thus, the driver will be forced to replace the automobile sooner, unlike those who maintain the required speed limit. Speeding drivers are likely to get speeding tickets, which must be paid for. Additionally, speeding tickets raise individuals’ insurance rate.

In conclusion, driving over the speed limit should be avoided. In fact, overspeed kills and leads to the most fatal accidents, including severe injuries and death. Evidently, fast driving is illegal. When individuals speed, this implies they have violated the law. Those licensed with speeding tickets find them costly. Overspeed also increases the rates of wear and tear of a car. Thus, fast driving should not be encouraged.

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