Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joan Angelina Germanotta) is a famous American singer and songwriter. Her native city is New York, where she was born on March 28, 1986. Lady Gaga is sheer contradiction, unimaginable asexual creature and chief freak of the modern world, who overshadowed everyone. Her rareness, originality, extravagance in behavior, music and fashion are effects of internal restlessness in mind and soul. Her passion for music is evident from the first years of life: at the age of four she has already played the piano, repeating the tune and singing along while hearing tape recordings of Madonna and Michael Jackson. Future artist inherited this passion from her father, who was a musician and played in several small coastal ensembles, and modern compositions were always heard in the house. As a teenager, she wrote her first song. When Joan was fourteen years old, she has already played in the New York group “Bitter End”. In addition to singing songs, future famous popstar actively took part in the theatrical life. This interest influenced on her music videos such as “Paparazzi”, “Just Dance”, “Born This Way”, “Telephone” and others. Her songs are full of challenges, rebelliousness; her videos are struggles with accepted standards of the society; her fashion is a demonstration of the contradictory inner world. According to Goodman (2010), “Lady Gaga could be interpreted as a freak, something unusual and unacceptable; however she is a talented woman, who gained attention and recognition of the whole world” (p. 199).

Lady Gaga’s songs reflect an endless stream of critical urban experiences, forbidden and dangerous: drinking, dancing and numerous parties. Videos of this charming and radiant platinum blonde: only visual range gives the challenge to the world. Singing about paparazzi, drinking, money and clothes, she creates a world of individual glamour that dominates young people. Lady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame” made four songs popular at once. The songs “Just Dance” and “Paparazzi” occupied the first positions in various charts. “Paparazzi” was written in order to reflect her desire for fame. It is a mid tempo, dance song, the lyrics of which show the situation when someone is compulsively pursued to get attention and fame. The song has been positively evaluated by critics for its good humor, club atmosphere, and was named the most memorable and meaningful song of the album. Music video of the song shows Gaga as a fatal starlet pursued by photographers and in the process nearly killed by her boyfriend. In her interview to Rolling Stone Lady Gaga states:
“When I originally wrote this record, I was inspired by mug shots of some very famous Bond girls. And I decided that there’s really an art to fame. So this video is about three things: death, fashion, and fame whoring” (Kreps, 2009, p. 34).

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The video shows how she survived, returned to her boyfriend and took revenge in the process of experimenting with a way of returning her fame. The singer is dressed in various costumes, one of which is the image of Minnie Mouse and gorgeous glasses. The singer is dressed in a yellow jumpsuit printed with the little faces of famous cartoon mouse. Designer of this outfit is Marvin y Quetzal. The jumpsuit with the glasses by Jeremy Scott makes her style harmonious and complete. Lady Gaga’s make-up complements the puppet effect that makes the video worth watching.
Lady Gaga says that fashion means everything to her. Her trendy urban style runs through all her musical creativity: singer fashion could not exist separately from her music and videos and conversely. Gaga admitted to reporters, “I designed these sequined pants with artificial light blue diamonds… I made this leather bra specifically for video “Love Game” (Goodman, 2010, p. 98). Her clothing and accessories in the music video “Telephone” are different from the previous works, but as usual they are creative and cunning. The singer wears striped dress with enormous shoulders by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, which perfectly combines with Mercura’s sunglasses. In the other episode, she appears in the tailor-made “tapes for the scene of the crime” by Brian Lichtenberg. The following episodes of the music video are accompanied by different looks: suits and costumes by Haus of Gaga, vintage hat and suit by Thierry Mugler, dress by Rachel Barrett. The variety of Gaga’s looks demonstrates her desire for changes and her own creativity not only in music, but also in fashion. A lot of costumes, which could be seen on the screen, are creations and designs by her studio Haus of Gaga. “Telephone” is the third song of the debut album, recorded with participation of the American R & B singer Beyonce. The main theme of the song was Gaga’s fear that she will not have a break and some time for fun. Nevertheless, lyrics demonstrate that the singer just does not want to answer the calls from her lover, being in the club. Musically, the song is written in a fast pace, with explosive choruses and double bits. The music video for the song was a continuation of the previous singer’s video “Paparazzi”, and was filmed in the style of a mini-movie. The elements from the style of Quentin Tarantino’s movies as “Kill Bill” and “Pulp Fiction” were used in this music video.

Lady Gaga wears masks on concerts, videos and in presenting awards; she puts on planetary rings around the head, and designs the face in a manner that reminds bird nests. Her desire to hide the face or to demonstrate all the beauty of her body by opened dresses, suits, or even wearing bacon dress could be considered contemporaneously as extraordinariness and fear to be usual. The artist is ready to transform everything in her wardrobe (shoes, hats, sunglasses, gloves, tights and stockings) into shocking elements of Gaga’s trendy and futuristic outfit. The song “Just Dance” is released as the first single from her debut studio album “The Fame”. According to Gaga, the song is an example of a happy record and it will be appreciated by people who are going through various life difficulties, such as loss of job, home, and other aspects. When she was asked about reasons for popularity of the song, she said:
“Every person is looking for a song that really meets the joys that are stored in our souls and hearts and so they can have a good time. This song is just about it. It is felt when you are listening to a song, it makes you feel good. Nothing more” (Kreps, 2002, p. 33).

The song has rhythmic dance character, where straight marching beats, electronic and R & B elements are combined. The video begins with the fact that Gaga comes along with dancers Yoori and red-haired girl at the home party that ended. The crowd wakes up and starts dancing. Gaga’s make-up is unusual: she has blue sticker in the form of lightning under the eye. This symbol reveals her rebellious spirit and desire to have some fun. Lester states, “The singer on this music video trying to be individual and different: her blonde hair, sharp fringe suit, wealth and property, showed in the video make a statement of her unique” (p. 112). Lady Gaga’s outfit and hairstyle declare her extravagant futuristic style, and show characteristic eccentricity and openness.

Despite of outrage, Lady Gaga follows fashion trends. She even has her favorite designers, whose clothes she is ready to wear all the time. Those are the fashion house Chanel and Versace (the mistress of Italian fashion house is Gaga’s idol). Recently popstar decided independently realize her own fashion line and opened her own studio, called The Haus of Gaga. Along with her team she creates unusual outfits and hairstyles, which gain huge popularity among people, especially her fans. Lady Gaga opened her shop, which is located in New York, Madison Avenue. Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti presented their new project – shop called “Gaga Workshop”. It could not be said that the fashion market is concentrated only on clothes or accessories; there are a lot of things ranging from books and underwear and ending by different sweets and souvenirs. “Gaga Workshop” makes an incredible effect on everybody, who is coming across: teenagers, adults, Gaga’s funs and ordinary people. There is a chocolate shoe, famous from the video for song “Bad Romance”, for ten dollars. All goods match the style of Lady Gaga and are available for everyone. However, there are also limited propositions: one can buy a huge candle-sculpture Gaga bust candle for $ 395 or sweets in boxes made in the form of the singer costumes for $ 85. Thus, “Gaga Workshop” has various products for each person who wants to help (a quarter of the proceeds of sales is planned to be transferred to Born This Way Foundation).

As well as Lady Gaga, her music, fashion and other aspects are also considered by well known critics, writers and journalists. According to Paul Lester:
“She probably achieved, in three to six months, what Madonna took five years to achieve: total media saturation… You can plainly spot the influence in Lady Gaga, that’s one of the fun things about her, I think. She is sort of the culmination of forty years of pop history” (Weight, 2012).

Paul Lester is a music journalist and writer, whose creation is a book “Lady Gaga: looking for fame. The life of a pop princess”. This work is representing the biography of the woman, who became a popstar and fashion idol for many people all over the world. Paul Lester states:
“The music was catchy and commercial, but I thought the public would think it was slightly too “arty”, in a way. She reminded me of early Grace Jones and I thought it wouldn’t catch on in a big way. But of course I was completely wrong. Within three months she was massive. She was everywhere” (Weight, 2012).

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Thus, the famous journalist in an unusual manner shows his attitude and beliefs about American popstar.
Lady Gaga lovingly refers to the fans, affectionately calling them “monsters”. She appreciates their love and treatment that is seen from her own words in the note, which was written by the outrageous singer after an operation on her hip in gratitude for support of the fans. According to Lady Gaga:
“Monsters, You really gave me a lot of strength today. Everything happened so fast, but when it came time to face it I reflected on the many stories and experiences you’ve shared with me about your lives. If you can do it, I can do it too, and if we stick together we can get through anything” (Lady Gaga, 2013).

Fans’ websites, devoted to Lady Gaga, include her music, fashion and true lovers who are inspired by her creation and culture. They share their stories, photos, thoughts about American singer, who became an idol for them. Such websites are created by people, who are interested and obsessed by Lady Gaga’s life and music. According to many music critics, lovers and fans, Lady Gaga will have even greater success than she has now. She has become a favorite female artist of many people and now she is the most discussed person in the world of show business.

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