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Gaming has come a long way to possess a considerable position in the human world. The technological transformation has helped to market games and allow people to have an access to devices that can play games. Applications are used in our everyday life and people are keep downloading new applications every single day. However, many of these apps end up being forgotten or never even used at all. Apps are also the most likely things to be looked at in the morning before doing anything else. People have become increasingly dependent on various apps to go about their daily activities, be it finding directions to some new location or participating in a fitness activity.

There is one and very clear pattern that applications have definitely taken the stage in peoples lives. People are now spending an average of 30 hours of their free time each month using smartphone applications (Nielsen 2014). They are also increasingly becoming important in the business sector, since they are used as an avenue for connecting various businesses to possible and current consumers. One of the most important uses for applications is a source of entertainment.

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Conquer Application

Conquer is an application which implements the augmented reality used in modern programming for mobile devices. Augmented reality allows users to use their device’s Global Positioning System capabilities to create a map layout on which the developer can add an accustom skin. In the process of development conquer, we will be using a similar map layout, as the one in the famous application Pokémon Go, but give the users thousands of options to customize their world. To put in simpler terms, Conquer is a combination of the application Pokémon Go and Sims game. In Conquer, users can create a virtual world, own property, own business and complete other tasks. It allows the users to define their own world and identify with it. The users use their imagination and preferences to play the game and establish a virtual world that fits them best. This application has not been created yet but three possible software were developed using augmented reality technology are Niantics, Electronic Arts, and Rovio Entertainments.

Emergence of Mobile Game and Fitness Network

History of Mobile Game

Mobile game has a considerable history dating back to the early 90’s when the first mobile game was invented. This came along with the invention of mobile phones and has since then developed to wonderful mobile games in the current technological world. Tetris was the earliest game on a phone that was played on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device back in 1994. Later in 1997, Nokia has launched the Snake game that is considered the most played game in the world. It was preinstalled on the Nokia devices by the manufacturer and allowed users to access easily it. The world of mobile games has since then grown and now there are millions of mobile phone games that can be downloaded, installed and played on mobile devices. The growing mobile technology allows mobile phones to install easily and smoothly run the games once they are downloaded. The games are also preinstalled by the OEM , shared through Bluetooth or loaded on the phones using a cable.

The rise of mobile games has specifically had a steady increase from the late 2000s to the early 2010s. Most of the early video games were very expensive to access and use; the latest games have taken advantage of modern technologies, such as the use of portable smartphones and tablets to develop games and applications that are easily accessible by many users. The games have also improved tremendously in terms of graphics being used and their mechanics. They also target a much broader audience in vast genres. Mobile gaming is, therefore, set to grow each year, bringing in a new market genre every time it grows.

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Applications are used in our everyday life and people are downloading new apps every single day. However, many of these apps end up being forgotten after some time or never even used at all. Apps are also the most likely thing someone will look at in the morning before doing anything else. People have become increasingly dependent on various applications to go about their daily activities, be it finding directions to a new location or participating in a fitness activity. This shows one thing in a very clear manner, apps have definitely taken the center stage in people’s lives. People are now spending an enormous amount of their free time each month using applications. Smartphone applications are also becoming very popular in the business sector, since they are used as an avenue for connecting various businesses to potential and current consumers.

According to a research conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, which surveyed 8,470 individuals who used smartphone applications, a lot of information was uncovered detailing how many consumers chose the applications they used and how they engaged with the applications. The research showed that one out of every four consumers installed an application but actually never used it. This information is very important for this research to show why a consumer would download an application and never use it and the likelihood one would do so. This will, in turn, help to avoid future problems with any new applications developed. In short, it can be used to develop a very effective strategy of developing a mobile application. This research shows that the best strategy to ensure that consumers actually end up using the application they download is by increasing awareness of the mobile application and ensuring that the consumers of the application are kept engaged at every stage of usage.

In the 19th century, mobile phone was like a fairy tale and the technology was weak and not well equipped. During the 20th century, there were a lot of changes in the mobile technology. Those changes ensured the production of affordable phones that increased the amount of phone owners. Since then, the mobile technology has advanced from simple mobile phones to more advanced and complicated mobile devices. With this advancement in mobile technology, mobile games became more advanced to accommodate the gap of technology between the mobile phones and the mobile games. This increased the quality of display, processing, interfaces and functionality of games.

The preloaded games in the 90’s were limited to monochromone dot matrix graphics. This denied the user of the chance to many options that could make the gaming experience more satisfying. Technological advancement allowed simple client-server games to be hosted online with a wide range of options for the gamer. This involves accessing the game online and playing it by using a WAP browser. It also connected different gamers and allowed them to compete against each other.

The advancement in the mobile industry directly affected the face of mobile games by the introduction of feature phones with cameras, multiple channel sounds, color screens and the ability to easily download and run games. For instance, Nanco, one of the earliest mobile game industries, integrated the camera in its production. It used the camera to create a game character based on the user’s profile. It also deduced the character’s power and speed based on the picture taken by the mobile phone’s camera. This opened up the mobile gaming industry, allowing it to gain a lot of income. The Japanese mobile gaming industry is well known for the considerable impact it made in the gaming world. The industry earned around 5.1$ billion in 2003 that helped Jap to establish a better economic position.

The concept of integrating the player’s location and option into the gaming world was later introduced. This idea was supported by the advancement in network and the availability of feature phones. These phones are able to detect the location of the user using the network (GPS). In these types of games, the coordinates and movement of the players are the main elements in the game without which the game cannot be played. The recent invention in this category is the Pokémon Go. This game engages the intense use of GPS to detect and instruct the user. The player is needed to achieve the set target as directed by the GPS and once the player finds the steps he/she is said to have won the level.

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Role of Mobile Game with VR technology

Mobile gaming has lead to reduced overdependence on computer systems for gaming. Initially, all of the gaming was done with the help of computers, which were the only machines that could achieve the graphics and plug-ins that are required to play the game. In the modern world, the presence of smartphones and VR technology has improved a great deal their use in gaming. Most of the operating systems of the phones can now comfortably allow playing without a lot of trouble. This has led to reduced costs in acquiring expensive computer systems and instead one is required to possess a smartphone,f which, in the current economy, is very much affordable.

Mobile games have enhanced the ability to mix different games. Mobile gaming has enabled the mobile phone manufacturers to mix different concepts and types of games on one playing system. This is a major kind of diversification that acts as a major mode of marketing. Depending on the customer’s specifications, one manufacturer can be able to produce a product with a variety of games, such that the customer does not have to own different machines or devices to be able to play the games he/she desires. It is, therefore, an advantage to the user and a point of increasing sales and pleasing a customer on the side of the producer, a way of increasing the sales and, thus, the revenues of the manufacturer.

Enhancing quality due to competition

Quality is a major requirement in a desire to satisfy customers’ needs. It is, therefore, necessary that any game produced in the market should be of high quality. As a result, all of the producers in the market will always try to provide a game that is of a better quality than his other competitor. With this kind of increased competition, there are many chances of open and wide thinking. This also acts as a chance to increase creativity and innovation. It is only through competitive thinking that quality extracts itself into the world. Some of the advancements in the industry include production of high definition games; say 3D, where games are no longer viewed from the initial two dimensional products. This better view makes some games from some manufacturers better put in comparison to others, thus there are higher chances of marketing their products. In relation to this, manufacturers create better devices, since quality might not just improve in the case of games alone, but, as a result, the whole machine will be of even better quality.

Developing higher level of critical thinking

The process of gaming on the mobile is a better opportunity to develop intellectually. Most levels are technical and, thus, require a higher level of imagination, which is a better mode of growing mentally. For you to pass all levels in any game, one has to be able to open their minds to the best of their ability. Open minds are able to think well in any other situation, given that critical decisions have to be made to achieve the goal of any given situation (Agarwal et al. 2012, p. 33).

Mobile gaming has made it easier for the game manufacturers to be able to receive their payments. This is made possible by the means of local environment phone operation, where local means can be used to purchase the games instead of previous modes that were technical, say having to purchase game cards that should be loaded for you to be able to pay for the games. In case the cards are not able to do the payment, the customer had to visit the cashier’s desk, which is a very tiresome procedure and also costly. With the intervention of mobile gaming it has, become easier to pay for the games. There are reduced costs involved and there is an easier communication between the salespersons and their clients (Nedjah, Coelho & de Macedo Mourelle 2007, p. 15).

Mobile phones are media for communication

The game operators can use the phones as a way of delivering their message to the user. This will definitely include promotions at an upper hand. It is definitely a better choice of promotions, since the operators are able to reach individual clients, a more convenient way of reminding and pursuing customers to purchase their products. In another manner, as a way of communication, the operators are able to link more than one player, where gaming involves competing with a colleague. All players are integrated into one network that is able to give the operators a central view of all gamers. They can also be able to gain information about each gamer, so as to make valuable decisions on how to award the best and most loyal players on their list. This is a way of encouraging them to continue being a part of the gaming team and to use them as an avenue to encourage others to be able to have others join the team. Communication, in a way, also enables the players to be able to report their grievances to the game operators. This might be complains or maybe suggestions on how to improve the existing game.

Maintenance of a single account of a gamer is an advantage gained for mobile gamers. Most gamers would not like to have their game progress erased, as a result of using a system that is shared by many other people. As a result, mobile gaming also turns out as a better manner of saving their progress and maintaining a single account. This is due to the fact that individuals own their own phones and is a rare thing to find individuals sharing a phone for gaming, not unless there is an initial agreement that saved data should not be erased in any given case.
Mobile phones can easily be used to download new games from the internet, which is a cheaper mean of accessing games, as compared to the initial way of buying a game package from original owners of the games. This allows for easier interchange of games from one field to another, since each person has his/her own area of passion in the gaming world (Agarwal et al. 2012, p. 43).

History of Fitness Network

The idea of good health has gained a lot of attention in many sectors. The technology is now being defined by the need to ensure good health. This makes those inventions that are health sensitive to admit high levels of preferences from customers. Fitness network claims a deep history that is connected to technological advancement through the years. Fitness involves constant engagement in activities that ensure good health and make the body strangle. The fitness network is developed through integrating different activities with the main goal of ensuring good health.

The advancement of technology and introduction of mobile phones has helped to empower the fitness network. It is now easy to engage in activities that ensure good health through the feature phones. The gaming industry has developed games that allow the user to be actively engaged in ventures that besides acting as a source of entertainment, they also act as fitness platforms (Australian Fitness Network 2000, p. 46). The best example is the Pokémon Go, is that it involves walking, jogging and running, guided by the GPS to locate the Pikachu. The players get to exercise in the process of playing. This with other well-structured games has helped to strengthen the fitness network and allow it to achieve its set goals.

Role of Fitness Network

Exercise has an essential role in treatment, prevention and even maintenance of one’s health. One attains fitness through exercising and it is from the need to exercise that the fitness networks were developed. Such networks are type of organizations, the main aim of which is to promote exercising as a way of maintaining body fitness and a proper health; such networks play many roles in promoting themselves, as much as trying to maintain people to keep working for fitness. Fitness networks prove that a person who is fit is able to live his/her life to the fullest extent. They promote physical and mental fitness with aims of reducing medical related issues caused by a lack of proper exercising and mind relaxation.

Fitness networks are the ambassadors that help people to maintain a calm state of mind and an optimum weight. They train and teach people the ways that are suitable to their states, conditions, physical and mental need and also their financial capabilities, to become stable in the mind and in physical terms. Because of the drastic changes in life, physical and mental fitness helps a person to go through the ups and downs without being radically affected by them.

These networks help people and advise them in changing their lifestyles. Slotting in exercises, reducing the amount of junk foods consumed by the person, reduced or cut intake of alcohol and smoking, as well as the intake of fizzy drinks. These networks advise people to have an adequate amount of rest. When a person gets adequate amount of sleep, his/her mind is able to rest and so is the body. One also has to clear the frustrations of the day caused by lots of work, noise and other everyday routines. It makes one to be ready for the next day and other experiences. One is able to work clear and is more efficient after rest than before. These networks discourage the use of alcohol and smoking, as they have adverse health effects on those who consume those. It impairs their body functions and affects their reasoning, hence making them physically and mentally unfit.

Fitness networks promote the need of being active at all times that one is awake and needed. Becoming more active increases the levels of body fitness of a person and helps avoid problems caused by sugar levels in the body, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. One can attain proper work of joints and on the whole the strength of the body.

Since these networks have ambassadors that are well trained and have studied the ways of keeping fit, they have knowledge on the methods of training and the type of states that are suitable for them. They act as trainer advisers to the people, coaches and even personal trainers. They have the different training methods, depending on the aim of working out and they present these methods to their clients. They advise on whether it is aerobic exercises, high intensity interval training sprinting, running, marathon, sand running, polymeric and isometric exercises or even swimming. This is in relation with the effects of the exercises and the aims. The networks, thus, provide people that are suitable after the interested parties claim on what they would like to achieve after exercising. Such ambassadors from these networks are also coaches in teams that involve running, walking, swimming, body building among the many others (Australian Fitness Network 2000, p. 46).

Fitness networks have important roles in maintaining body and mental stability, which transfers to the general health of people. It is encouraged for the people to try out such networks in maintaining their body and mind’s health.

Number of Users

The Mobile Game Network

The number of users of mobile games has considerably increased over the past years. In the early 90’s, the number of users was small, which was mainly attributed to the price of a mobile phone. Technology was not as advanced as it is in the current world and there was a limited production of mobile technology. The production could not meet the demand due to the high cost of owning a mobile phone. This denied the gaming world of a chance to spread among people, as only the rich could be able to own mobile phones and play games.

The advancement of technology towards the 20th century fueled the spread of mobile phones. It was cheaper to purchase a mobile device with preloaded games. This was due to the reduction in the price of technology and the mobile industry, which was able to initiate production of many devices that were later sold at affordable prices. The increased level of ownership also increased the demand of mobile games. Mobile gaming industry was later developed and it specialized in developing mobile games that were later sold to the mobile industries or published online, so they could be downloaded by the users. Further advancement in the technology ensured the introduction of feature phones with cameras, well developed sound channels and high compatibility for varied games.

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Historical Sales for Both Genres

The introduction of game application stores, classically tied to platform consisting of smart device and operating system, have proven to be popular with the users through making the advanced characteristics of smart devices available through the convenient icon (Stratton 2013, p. 42). At the same time, it has developed a first-mover merit, which limits the platform’s competition. Users can only invest the cost to switch to a novel platform competition. The outcome may be seen in operating system market shares across different nations.

Over the years, mobile phones have been used to ensure that its users lead a healthy lifestyle. From 2013-2017, one can see that mobile fitness has been achieved through using mobile phones (Scholastic Inc. 2015, p. 45). Games like Conquer may be downloaded by people who can later use it to achieve their goal of being healthy. Additionally, this might result in an increase in revenues over the past few years. Gaming applications, such as Conquer, have really changed the lives of people who use it. Unlike Pokemon Go, Conquer gives the user more accessibility and creates a fascinating environment. This makes one play the game and, at the same time, improves their health.

Economic Forecast for Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming as a genre is growing tremendously as the world becomes technologically enhanced. Economic projections released in April of 2016 indicated that mobile-game revenue is expected to surpass console and PC. In fact, mobile games on both smartphones and tablets are expected to make up to 37% of the total software revenues (Needleman 2016). The upward trend has been associated with the fact that mobile gaming is global, something which is not true for both PC and console. According to the most current market trends, 40% of application users browse for applications in the application store which remains among the most popular ways for users to find new applications. Due to the fact that most application developers tend to advertise new applications on different sites, it has become increasingly easier for application users to browse for new applications while surfing on other websites. This shows that most application users actually discover new applications through the use of advertisements. This shows an application developer and marketer how to target users and what kind of application to develop. From growing from an almost non-existent market to an industry that scores $17.5 billion dollars as of the year 2013, the revenue is expected to rise and double by the year 2017 and revenue is expected to double again by 2017. Many factors have also contributed to the rise of these applications mostly due to the changes in technology.

In another projection of an upward trend, the application economy is expected to double in size by the year 2020. Takahashi (2016) notes the mobile applications economy will be worth $101 billion in 2020. Since the introduction of the mobile applications industry, it has been showing an upward trend. On the main contributors of this trend has been the spread of smartphones in both developing and developed countries. Hence, the number of people downloading the applications, as well as using them keeps increasing on a daily basis.

Importance of Product

The proposed product (Conquer) is extremely important for the mobile applications market because it creates an experience that appears real to the users. It connects to the users at an individual level and creates room for players’ creativity. The success rate of the proposed application is forecasted to be high because of the upward trends of mobile applications noted in the projections that go up to 2020.

The Mobile Game Network has grown over the years, illustrating an upward trend and more connections are being created on a daily basis. Therefore, these findings increase the confidence in the success rate of the application. Additionally, the Mobile Fitness Network also shows a growing trend that is another illustration of forecasted success of the application. Indeed, it is promising to be very successful.

Conquer has been created for a niche market that happens to be well distributed and, more importantly, global. The availability of smartphones across the world, both expensive and inexpensive but interconnected by the various mobile stores that offer the applications for downloading create a conducive environment for the mobile application to grow and become exceedingly successful.

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