The given academic statement will discuss my goals and plans for the future, my ideas about my self-determination and self-realization.

I am eager to be enrolled into the Douglas College, communication studies department. This reflective essay represents my career ambitions in the sphere of TV journalism. My values and commitments, including education in the sphere of communication studies, are based on a strong desire to be successful in life.

I set the goal to be as successful in my life as possible and I confidently move towards it. It is difficult to praise oneself, but I can surely state that my life motto is, “I want, I can, and I will do”. I am a curious person as I am interested in everything around me; I want to know more and more, especially in the sphere of communication; I want to bring something new to my life as well as to the lives of the other people.

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Moreover, my capability to think creatively influences my life, my ability to be adjusted to the changing circumstances, to react spontaneously, and to do unexpected and risky deeds. After all, people are afraid of uncertainty, because they are not sure if they can react and behave correctly; they are not sure if they will cope with it. The ability to be creative is crucial for me as it is not easy to be new and extraordinary every day. Nevertheless, it is really captivating. The only thing I need is to be educated, as in order to fulfill my plan, I need to have a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, which will expand my horizon.

My first goal in life is to develop self-determination. It represents the mechanism of a social determination, which cannot work differently as being actively refracted by the subject in this determination. The key moment of self-determination also includes one’s own activity and conscious aspiration to take a certain position. Self-determination is an understanding of own position, which is formed in the system of relations. This goal should be fulfilled within the next year 2023.

Thus, I have chosen communication studies. Communication is the process of bilateral exchange of information leading to mutual understanding. Effective communication is based on the respect to the interlocutor, the ability to listen to him/her, understand his/her ideas, and to feel the psychological state of a person. In order to be successful in my future profession, I should acquire communicative competence. Communicative competence is the ability to establish and support necessary contacts with the other people. The effective communication is characterized by the achievement of mutual understanding of partners, the best understanding of a situation and subject of communication. Communicative competence is considered as the system of internal resources necessary for the creation of effective communication in certain situations of interpersonal interaction.

My main goal is to enter Douglas College. In order to achieve this, I need to make an action plan and share it with my close people – my parents and close friends. First of all, I have to get a bachelor’s degree in communication studies within the next two years, to grind away at my books, and to bring fame to the college and the whole community. I want to become a specialist in communication studies. I am a highly motivated, goal-oriented and pro-active team-worker with organizational and time-managing skills. I am also sociable, responsible, disciplined, and punctual. I would like to succeed in the sphere of communication. I want to make career in the sphere of TV journalism or television broadcasting.

Unfortunately, in the modern world many people forget the standards of speech. They do not read books since they have exchanged them for social networks, where there is no censorship and users do not respect any literary rules. The TV journalist should literate speech, forming the speech culture of TV viewers. It demands not only knowledge of the native language, but also foreign languages. Moreover, any program cannot evoke an interest if a TV journalist is not interested in self-education. This profession allows one to express his/her own opinion directly without imposing it to the other people. A TV journalist should be able not to show emotions, thus providing a freedom of choice to the viewer.

Frankly speaking, I belong to the bohemian circle of creative people. I think unconventionally and extraordinary; I am free of limits and stereotypes. My mind is flexible and spontaneous. No matter where I am, the only important thing is that I always find the best position and the best solution to the problem. I avoid stereotypes and try to think creatively. When one is creative and free of clichés, everything is easy to fulfill.

My daily creativity can be illustrated by the following saying: “Laziness is the progress engine”. I know by my own experience that I often think of new, non-standard, interesting decisions for life in order not to do what I do not want to do. The result is not only good, but a creative decision. Moreover, my capability to think creatively influences my life, my ability to be adjusted to the changing circumstances, to react spontaneously, and do unexpected and risky deeds. After all, people are afraid of uncertainty, because they are not sure that they can react and behave correctly; they are not sure whether they will cope with it. It is really very important for me to avoid stereotypes.

I should possess leadership skills for the future career. A leader not only directs and leads the followers, but also wants to lead them; and followers do not simply follow the leader, but also want to follow him/her. A leader possesses certain properties and features due to which he moves forward and becomes a good leader. The following psychological qualities are inherent in a leader: self-confidence, a sharp and quick mind, competence as a thorough knowledge of own business, a strong will, and the ability to understand the features of human psychology.
Speaking of my hobbies and interests, I would like to note that I like to travel. I visited many countries in the world and I want to combine travelling with studying. Such a combination gives me a valuable experience. Moreover, I like to watch the programs of TV starts and to adopt their experience in communication with people and the way they present themselves.

I am ready for the new knowledge and new experience in life. The most important for me is to become a professional in my chosen area of knowledge – TV journalism. I want to make a career in the mass media and this plan of actions will help me in this. Moreover, I will share it with my close people – parents and friends, and I will keep my word in front of them.

However, I understand that my chosen path is not easy. I should work hard in order to achieve the goal and enter the Douglas College. I can encounter problems on my way and I should be ready to overcome them. The most important thing is not to be afraid of the difficulties. Thus, I should not be afraid of life after the graduation of Douglas College. I will have enough experience up to that time and I will do my best to find a decent job in the sphere of communication. I will use my opportunity and become a successful specialist of the mass media.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this reflective essay helped me to understand what I am and what I want to achieve in my life. I have many steps to do before I feel that I made a correct decision by having chosen the job of a TV journalist. I described my values and commitments, which lead me to my goal – to be successful in life. I know it will be difficult, but I will win.

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