Majors Personality Type Inventory

Current paper will be discussing results of my Major PTI. Accordingly, the Majors PTI utilized for my assessment utilized the Jungian theory to help me understand my preferences at different dichotomies.

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Reviewing My PTI (Personality Type Inventory) Results

  • The first dimension is concerned with how I gain and distribute my energy. The two main elements under this dichotomy include extraversion that is usually associated with the external distribution of energy and introversion, which focuses on internal distribution of energy. Looking at my report (page 3), my preference is extraversion. Therefore, it is worth acknowledging that extroverts are able to adapt easily to the external environment. More so, they are able to engage in discussions and always believe in socializing with other people.
  • The second dichotomy relates to how I perceive and respond to different pieces of information that I am likely to receive in the course of my activities. The two vital elements under this dichotomy include sensing and intuiting. Looking at my report, I mostly prefer perceiving information through sensing. However, intuiting also has a significant part in my information perception element. Sensing is concerned with practicality in terms of solving goals and meeting the set objectives. More so, sensing entails concreteness and trust in experiences. Present realities are also taken into consideration through sensing, hence ensuring effectiveness on matters relating to the information handling.
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  • The third dichotomy relates to decision-making and making judgments. One of its elements is thinking and the second element of judging is through feeling. My report (page 5) reveals that I prefer making decisions and judging. Nevertheless, the element of feeling tends to have a significant present in my judgments. One of the key characteristics of thinkers is that they are highly analytical and are based on logic in the process of problem solving. In fact, everything is done in a procedural manner. They are also tough-minded and reasonable in their decision-making process.
  • The last dichotomy relates to the method I could adopt in my life as I interact with the environment and get used to it through the orientation process. The two key elements under this dichotomy include judging and perceiving. Looking at my report (page 6), I prefer judging, as I interact with my environment and get used to it through orientation. Judging is mostly characterized by the use of schedules and the determination to structure out the nature of the world. More so, people who base on judgment tend to be systematic in the course of understanding their environment and avoid last minute rush in their plans.

Based on What I Have Learnt About Myself

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Assessments Helpful to My Development

In tandem with what I have learnt about myself, I believe Majors Personality Type Inventory (Majors PTI) assessment will be helpful in my development. This assessment will be helpful in my development because it gives me the opportunity to understand my preferences across different dichotomies. For instance, it enables me to understand my decision-making preference and interaction preference.

More so, I am convinced that the Birkman Abilities Inventory will be a helpful assessment in my development. It will be helpful in the sense that it will boost my reasoning and verbal skills. This also means I will be in a better position to interact easily with other people through easier communication.

The third assessment that I believe will be helpful is Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This assessment will be helpful in the course of my development because it will help me evaluate my perception of the world and decision-making. This will be vital in ensuring I change my approach to get the best out of the world.

My Thinking Styles assessments will also be vital for my development. Since it gives me the ability to develop an effective way of thinking through understanding and appreciation of the environment that I am likely to operate and interact with people.

Five Assessments and Free Online Assessments that will be Helpful

  • The first assessment that will be helpful to me is the Leadership Style assessment. It will automatically enable me to understand my leadership style through a set of questions that I will be able to answer.
  • The second assessment that will be helpful is the Majors PTI. As noted earlier, this will help me understand my preferences as in different dichotomies.
  • The third free online assessment that will be helpful is the Skills and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). It will be helpful because it reveals both positive and negative psychological traits.
  • My Thinking Styles assessment is also a free online assessment that will be useful, as it will boost my critical thinking abilities in the course of working.
  • The fifth free online assessment that will be helpful to me is Birkman’s Abilities Inventory (BAI).


My key personal need is quickness in the process of decision-making. The Majors PTI reveals this need as it highlights the view that I am supposed to be decisive in the course of decision-making. As a leader, I need to understand the aspect of team working and facilitating success through teams in the organization. Overall, I have learnt that I am capable of working with different people and adapting to different environments as a leader.

Several reasons led me to choosing the five assessments. One of the key reasons that led me to choosing the five assessments is that they have the capacity to enhance my thinking ability. They present an effective learning opportunity to enhance my thinking. Moreover, I chose these assessments because they enhance an in depth understanding of my preferences. They enable me to realize my preferences and utilize them effectively. Lastly, I chose the five assessments because they give me an overview of my psychological traits as a leader.

My Thinking Styles assessment is associated with three aspects of critical thinking including educational attainment, occupational attainment, and self-rated ability. It has a reliability rate of 68-81. BAI measures the abilities of individuals with an estimated validity of 93% and reliability average of 69. The Skills and Questionnaire (SDQ) assessments measures internal and external abilities. Its validity is unavailable, but it has an internal consistency of 0.73. Leadership Style assessments determines the leadership styles and has a high validity and reliability range. Major PTI measures preferences in the dichotomy with a high validity rate.

The results highlighted above have significant effects on me as a leader. They assist in selecting the most appropriate assessment that will assist me in achieving the required goals in the organization as a leader.

I will consider these results as I design the workflow within the organization. This will be instrumental in leading to the realization of my personal and leadership need through maximum employee benefit. I have learnt that the best way to achieve maximum benefits is through interactions and quick decision-making. Therefore, I will utilize them to boost my decision-making and interaction capacity.

In line with part 1 of this work, I have learnt that I have an outgoing personality. As a leader, I have learnt that I am a good decision-maker because I do not wait for last minute rush when making a decision. My significant strength as a leader is that I am able to talk to other people, I can adapt to any environment, and can make quick decisions. However, I did not notice any weaknesses as a leader from part 1.

Based on this information, I will make changes to my decision-making rate. I will try to slow down but ensure I am within the deadline frames. This will obviously enable me to come up with appropriate decisions. Secondly, I will change my approach to interacting with employees. I will prefer being closer to them through constant interactions for maximum performance.

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