The introduction of tablet computers meant that laptops had to be adapted. Tablet computers and laptops are similar in their functioning and they can learn from each other essentially. Tablet computers and laptops are suitable for certain environments and hence, their combined use can bring satisfaction to users. Tablet computers are more advanced than laptops and they have taken the laptops market share. Past research published after 2010 discussed how tablet computers would overtake use of other computers, especially laptops.

Tablet Computers and Their Current and Future Impact

Current research paper shows that tablet computers are still not as popular as predicted due to various challenges. However, the future of manufacturing tablet computers looks bright if they continue enhancing the computers with advanced features. Past research showed that most tablets were not customized with cameras that could take videos and carry out call functions. Tablet computers have since improved and now users can use them to make calls. Research conducted during introduction of tablet computers showed that tablets did not have accessories, such as keyboard or mouse. Tablet computers are easy to use and have a reliable operating system. They have a long lasting battery and a stylish look (Thomson, 2013).

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Studies conducted showed that tablets had most features that are found in other gadgets, including music and games. The sale of tablets was stimulated by the easy access to the information by users. However, new research shows that people interested in buying tablets have an interest in watching movies, listening and downloading music, accessing social media, such as Facebook and twitter, as well as online magazines. The popularity of tablet computers rose due to media coverage. Their design contributed to sales and the applications they support helped in popularity (Kenar, 2013).

Tablet computers got ranked higher than smartphones. New smartphones are manufactured with dual core processors. Recent studies have showed that people do not believe that the market of tablet computers will replace the smartphones, as smartphones are more portable. Studies showed that tablet computers would not replace smartphones and they would only be used by a little amount people. Almost every phone company produces tablet computers and the market is flooded with many gadgets ranging in prices. In the future, some of the suppliers of tablet PCs are most likely to leave the market (Thomson, 2013).

Impact of Tablet Computers in the Medical Field

Tablet computers have become affordable and they provide a platform to interact with electronic information fast. Integrating tablet computers in our work practice is an interesting practice. Tablet computers give the user an experience of having better resolution of screen. It processes information fast and improves the web design. In a study conducted at a medical center tablet computers were considered to be of great help as soon as they let the medical trainees to access calculators and medical journals fast. Tablet computers helped retrieve patient materials for educational purposes. Tablet computers used in the medical field were configured with selected applications and pages with clinical tools. The device is now being used by trainers during conferences to make presentations. Though carrying the cumbersome device is inconvenient for some medical practitioners, having them around has made work more efficient (Perez, 2013).

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Impact of Tablet Computers on Environment

New technology emerges every few years. New technology changes people’s lifestyle and transforms the economy of the country. Study conducted on iPad showed that the market of tablet computers was led by Apple and the number of laptops purchased reduced significantly. The study predicted that tablet computers would in the next few years replace desktop computers and laptops at the workplace. However, the research shows that laptops are still being used at large (Tanaka, 2010).

Current research paper indicates that distant learning will be accelerated by use of tablet computers, ensuring everyone acquires quality education at a cheaper fee. Students will save hundreds of dollars due to the new innovation. Also, students will use tablet computers to take notes in class. Tablet computers have reduced the use of paper, ink, accommodation space in office, reduced consumption of water during production and commuting expenses. Previous studies have also showed that environmental benefits achieved a higher magnitude. Tablet computers have led to a decline in printing and now they help distribute newspapers, books, movies and magazines electronically. Even though, people still feel the need to have hard copies of document, situation can change with time. Companies manufacturing printers, such as HP have experienced a decrease in ink demand (Ali, 2011).

The research paper shows that tablet computers have reduced paper-based booklets, brochures and pamphlets. They have also reduced the fuel used to transport these materials. Tablet computer transforms information into simple data that can be transferred without requiring packaging and production. Tablet computers are cost effective and reduce production waste in companies. The devices are a kind of energy saving initiative that does not need to get subsidized by the government (Clarke 2012).

Current research paper shows that tablet computers are eco-friendly due to the fact that they emit low rate of carbon dioxide during their lifetime. To conserve raw materials and energy people, who can afford using tablets, should make transition into its use. However, tablet computers have to be properly disposed in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Manufacturers of electronics have put in place recycling programs. The programs require people to give old and unused electronic devices to these companies for recycling. Past research could not show if tablet computers were eco-friendly and the topic was not discussed at length (Tanaka, 2010). Current research shows that tablet computers have encouraged green business. The gadgets are used to demonstrate products and their services. For example, the Apple store allows customers to view product features and compare products using iPads. Tablet computers encourage online transactions and hence, reducing of paper use. Past studies did not cover the questions of green business as soon as people had not grasped the context of tablet computers (Tanaka, 2010).

Social Impact of Tablet Computers

Tablet computers have impacted users both positively and negatively. People spend more time using tablet computers at work or home. Students are also subjected to spending lots of hours in front of computers. Technology enables students to access course notes in tablet computers, thus reducing their library visits. Actual books are hardly used for research by students. Search engines available on the Internet have helped student access reliable sources for their coursework. Tablet computers offer students fast processing of school work. The devices are nowadays used for leisure as they contain many games, web pages and music that help people relax. Current research brings about spending so much time on tablet computers that can create health problems. Use of tablet computers is different from use of desktop in respect to posture. Tablet computers give users freedom of devices using due to low weight. The freedom affects the posture of neck and head that can lead to pain and discomfort. The best position is achieved by placing tablet computers on table top and propping up the screen. Past research discussed the health problems of using laptops and desktop computers with focus to work environment. Current research discusses both home and at work effects of using tablet computers (Marqueses, 2013).
Current research paper shows that tablet computers take away people’s rest time, since they are carried to bed due to their portability. Use of tablet computers in darkness is discouraged because they affect rest habits of their users. Previous research showed that tablet computers strained eyes even with backlight displays. The backlight displays are said to affect the ability of the users to fall asleep easily. Using tablet computers for a long time can cause wrist, finger and muscle problems for the user. Children in the twenty first century are exposed to tablet computers at a young age. Children exhibit confidence when using tablet computers. However, the gadgets help children acquire fundamental skills to operate computers. Children gain improved coordination of eyes and hands (Ali, 2011).

Past studies have shown that computer screens are known to emit radiation. These rays, when directed to the child’s body, can cause damage. Eyes are most vulnerable to harm as a result of long hours sitting at the computer. However, current research aims at discouraging the children to use computers at a young age. Children should be checked more often by an optician. They should also be encouraged to engage in outdoor activities that are less harmful to the body. Young children should spend more time in the sun to get vitamin D and fresh air. Children, who spend much time at tablet computers, can be easier exposed to obesity as they grow into young adults. Increasing of high pressure and diabetes among children is associated with spending much time at tablet computers (Cocozza, 2014).

Current research shows that tablet computers have replaced baby sitters. Parents have admitted giving their children tablet computers to keep them quiet. It is referred to as digital babysitting. Parents are, however, advised to be aware of the danger that comes with kids using tablet computers. Some of the applications on the devices are really helpful for children. However, playtime should not be equated with tablet computers. Current paper is different from past research papers because it discusses current and future impact related to the gadgets. Past research discussed tablet computers features at the time when the research itself was actual. Current research paper describes the recent features, which are new selling points for tablet computers (Ali, 2011).

Proposed Work, Methodology and Timeline

Current research has covered adequately the information required to make the study complete. Several factors were identified in this study. Consequently, it showed that some of the randomly selected people chosen for research did not know about the tablet computers much. Interviewed people have heard about them but were not interested in gadgets because they had smartphones and laptops and did not know how to apply tablet computers in their lives. Those who showed interest in owning a tablet computer were students who liked to use them for reading online materials.
Tablet computers are intended to impact the workplace so the companies have to make a strategy of how to get rid of the desktops and laptops that they are currently using. Current research focuses on the popularity of tablet computers now and in the future. The study used interviews, questionnaires and also observation methods.

The Following are the Findings of the Research Presented

Current study was conducted by interviewing fifty men and women, who agreed to take part in the research. There were twenty three women and twenty seven men of different age selected for the research. The sample for such data collection was randomly selected.

The research shows the popularity of tablet computers, laptops, smartphones and personal computers among interviewed people. Current study showed that laptops were more popular compared to the other three gadgets.The chart below shows the various ways of using tablet computers. The numbers show that tablet computers are mostly used for social media purposes. Studies and reading followed up. Tablet computers are also often used for listening to the music. Taking photos and videos and video streaming showed low results at tablet computers use.
The table below shows the ratings on efficiency, impact and future of tablet computers.

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Majority of people in my study agreed that tablet computers were efficient and contributed to educational development. A relatively high number was not sure about its contribution to education development. The least number of people disagreed that the influence was efficient. Majority of people agreed that tablet computers had a high possibility to substitute laptops. The number of people who were neutral and those who disagreed was almost equal. Moreover, the study showed that most people believe that tablet computers would develop into a more technological device in the future. Only a few people disagreed, that tablet computers would develop into a more technological device.

The interviews were not difficult to conduct. They were used to select the right people for the study. The study required people who owned or had access to tablet computers. After the interviews and elimination of unqualified persons, the qualified ones filled a questionnaire with all the questions for the study. Some participants did not fully complete the questionnaire due to the time limits. Some of the participants were selected through observation, by spotting someone with a tablet computer.

Current research takes a short time to be conducted. It is cost and time effective due to the methodology used to collect and present data and to the fact that it takes about one month to be conducted. The objectives of current research were determined by the popularity of tablet computers and their impact nowadays and in the future. Finding two participants in a day was enough to conduct the study. The results of the research showed almost equal number of people believing that the use of tablet computers and laptops was similar. Ten people believed that tablet computers would be developed to become better in the future. People who thought tablet computers would remain the same and extinct were ten and twelve respectively. Many people viewed tablet computers as a revolutionary device.

Summary of Contributions

The research shows the different spheres of tablets computers usage, which include providing fast access to the information and the effectiveness of the device. Data collected from current research was reliable and participants provided the information willingly. The study shows the positive and negative impact of tablet computers on the environment at present and in the future. Past researches on tablet computers focused on the technology used to manufacture it. Current study expounds further the impact of tablet computers. Environment has benefitted from the technology behind the tablet computers. Tablet computers have helped save trees and reduce waste spreading in the environment. The study has shown predictions of how the tablet computers will become popular in the next few years (Perez, 2013).

Journalism has fully embraced the use of tablet computers due to their small size and touch screen. Tablet computers support applications that help them to follow the news. More men in my study tend to prefer use of tablet computers compared to laptops, smartphones and personal computers. People at the age between twenty and twenty five showed much interest in the use of tablet computers. Majority of interviewed people indicated that they used tablet computers for about one to three hours. The study showed that tablet computers were mostly used for spending time in social networks followed by study and music. The smallest number of people used tablet computers for taking videos and videos streaming. Tablet computers have enriched lives of their users, but still continuous use of tablet computers also has negative effect. Manufacturers of tablet computers need to extend the market extensively especially aiming at students. Manufacturers should also reduce the price of tablet computers to make them affordable to students and other interested people. People are waiting for the reduction of prices so that they could afford to buy a gadget. Tablet computers have become increasingly popular in the world and the demand continues to increase, though, the level of tablet computers and laptops usage seems similar. People are optimistic about developing new and better innovations than the tablet computers (Perez, 2013).

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