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Before starting a travelling adventure, everyone asks the same question: “What is the best place to stay?” While hotels are pretty expensive and often overrated, hostels, on the other hand, are safe and much cheaper alternative. In fact, staying in a hostel may turn out to be the best part of your journey. I’ve prepared some traveling tips for you to know for sure the do’s and don’ts of staying in a hostel.

I remember my first experience of staying in a hostel like it was yesterday. I was a student back then and traveling on a shoestring was my only option. This was my roommate’s idea to go for a hostel. “It’s cheap and fun, nothing to worry about.” At that moment, sharing a room with six strangers did not sound like a dream come true to me. With the benefit of hindsight, I can say I was wrong.

Since I had no other choice, I opened my laptop and googled “Hostels in Dublin.” What I did not expect to find was such an abundance of options. Classic hostels, hostels for parties, hostels with bars, and so on. I looked through the ones with high ratings and acceptable prices, and finally, the choice was made.

Demanding as I might be, I have never had any serious issues while staying in a hostel. I’m telling you this as a person who has traveled the whole Europe. However, just to put your mind at ease, keep in mind the following precautions.

Research It First

Google is a powerful tool, why not to use it? You can find a lot of information on any hostel there. Reviews are particularly useful because they are usually written by travelers like you and me, so it’s a perfect opportunity to learn everything about a place before you go there. Reviews and comments speak volumes about the service quality. It’s also a great idea to call the receptionists in case you have questions.

Tip: If it’s hard for you to find information on a hostel, just choose another one. Were it a good place to stay in, people would be talking about it online.

Check the Locked Storage Options

Although you wouldn’t be bringing some valuable possessions to a hostel room, it’s still a good idea to have a locked storage option. While some hostels have such options, others don’t. Better find it out beforehand, it’ll give you a stronger sense of security. Spare yourself a trouble of carrying all your possessions in a backpack and check whether the service is available at the place of your choice.

Tip: If the description says there is a storage room, this means you will have to keep your stuff in a room with other people having access to it. Sure, it’s better than nothing but try to find a hostel with a personal locker.

Location Matters

Although you might want it to be cheap, try to find a hostel in the city center. Such a location will give you additional benefits: most populated areas are usually the safest, you’ll save a lot on transportation, there are plenty of places to go, etc. If the heart of the city is not an option, do a research on the area you prefer. This is especially important if you are traveling alone.

Tip: You can find a map on the website of the hostel. If they do not have it, most probably the area is not something to be proud of.

These were the most valuable pieces of advice I could possibly share with you. Remember to book in advance and do bother to carry out some research on the hostel you are planning to stay in.

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