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Professional Coursework Help with Your Law Coursework

Do you want to get top mark for your law coursework? Of course, you do! Read on the suggested help guide to law degree coursework writing and get your full mark! Or you can use our great coursework writing service to order coursework online…

Mind that there are strict rules when it gets to font size, line spacing, and margins that some universities have, so it’s highly recommended to check out the guidelines from your universities besides reading ours. Don’t refuse professional coursework help and follow the next easy but helpful steps:

How you should present your law coursework:

Omit names

Keep in mind to omit your name whether on the title page or in the content or your coursework, as coursework is commonly marked anonymously. Instead, you should add your university membership number or exam number on the front cover page. How should you know what exactly you are required to do? Your university submission guidelines should be checked.

Word Processing / Presentation

It’s well-known that students are usually required to word process all of the coursework, every university is very strict about the things like the type and the size of the font and the spacing between lines that can be used. Before submitting your law coursework, your universities guidelines should be definitely checked. Usually, the requirements by most universities are: to double space submissions, to use the Times New Roman font 11/12pt in size. A4 paper is required when it comes to submitting all work. Sometimes universities tend to write rules on the top, right, bottom, and left margins, so don’t forget to check again your course handbook for these.

Referencing and Sources

A lot of universities tend to provide students by a handbook, with the help of which students are acknowledged about the way the sources have to be cited, the references and bibliographies have to be set out.

The length of your coursework

The length of the coursework usually varies and depends on the level you are studying at, the module, and how much the coursework influence your final grade.

What the examiners want to find in your law coursework

Coursework pieces, dissertations, and essays are aimed to reveal how well the student has understood the topic.

Mind to do the following to give the examiners what they want to find in your law coursework:

  • Be sure you consult the principal sources of information.
  • The issues should be analyzed properly.
  • The good reasoning should be provided within the work.
  • Your conclusions, arguments, and own ideas should be put forward within your coursework.
  • Your writing should be relevant and clear.
  • The general sources should be the first ones to start with, and only then the more specific sources related to your law coursework should be used.
  • The essay should be divided into manageable pieces. For breaking up sections, you should use the headings.
  • You should make sure everything you include in your essay is relevant,
  • You should be consistent with in citing studies, articles, or quotes throughout the piece.
  • Long sentences are the ones that should be avoided, your writing should be clear.

How to submit the coursework

  • Although every university tends to have an extension policy, you are obviously required to submit your law coursework duly.
  • If an extension to your submission date is inescapable, you have to contact your head of department as early as it’s possible.
  • Mind that students are allowed to submit their law coursework at a later date only if there are certain exceptional circumstances, they are ill health or the death of the nearest family member. To find out what is considered an exceptional circumstance due to your university, look at your university handbook which contains more detailed information on the policy.
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