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How to Be One of WEP-USA Host Families?

It is an increasing tendency for families to enable students to enjoy high school experiences abroad. This exciting chance for families and students helps them expand their knowledge and share the best of two cultures. Moreover, people consider hosting due to other reasons:

  • Open up to new cultures through communication with international students.
  • Learn about various lifestyles and daily habits that differ from common routines.
  • Expand a family’s knowledge by stepping out of a comfort zone.
  • Make new friends.
  • Have a chance to express pride for a country and share the best traditions.
  • Learn a new language and help others improve their English at the same time.
  • Develop cultural competence and increase awareness of other countries and cultures.
  • Re-discover and appreciate your country.
  • Make a difference in someone’s life.

What Is a Typical Host Family?

Families that host students are different. They can be big unions with several children or just one person. The only constant aspect that all families should have is their ability to provide food and ensure that a student has a private room or a space to share with another student within short-term programs. Also, a student should receive help at Order-Essays.com in the process of adjusting to a new school, town, and daily routines. Thus, English is expected to be the main language of a household.

Who Can Participate as a WEP Student?

To apply to a program, a student should meet a few requirements that, include:

  • Age between 15 and 18 years old;
  • An intermediate level of English or higher;
  • Good academic performance.

Every applicant for WEP is evaluated for leadership potential and maturity to see whether they can learn and develop in a foreign environment. A student’s participation in a program is only confirmed after they pass all 3 steps of the selection process. The steps include a written application, an interview, and group assessments.

WEP experts strive to work with students who can benefit from the program. A group of psychologists meets with candidates to make the process more effective before the selection process is finalized. In the end, the most motivated students with good grades who have the means to adapt to a new setting get the chance to participate in the program.

How Are Families Selected for WEP?

Considering the fact that students who come to study abroad are minors, families that host them have to be assessed to ensure the best outcomes of such an exchange. A potential host family has to go through a vetting process that takes a few steps:

  • The process starts with filling out an online application form.
  • Authorities have to check backgrounds to ensure that no family member has a criminal record.
  • A support counselor associated with WEP visits the family to assess living conditions and sets an interview concerning rules and policies. Afterward, a counselor takes 6 photos of the home for approval by the national office.
  • A family is expected to provide 2 positive references that confirm a family’s good disposition and available means to support a student.
  • While the counselor maintains contact with a high school to ease a student’s enrollment process, a family should confirm their participation by signing a Host Family agreement.

Provided that every step is followed without any issues, a family can be approved and ready to accept students from the WEP-USA program.

Why Do International Students Choose a School in the U.S. via the WEP-USA Program?

Students from high schools are increasingly considering studying in the United States through WEP-USA, an organization that places and supports young inspiring boys and girls. As international students strive to improve their English and experience what it means to be an American teenager, the U.S. remains their number one option. In the end, high school students get a chance to attend cutting-edge academic courses, practice with athletic teams, and participate in after-school activities that make American schools what they are today: drama, dancing, cheerleading, marching band, choir, and other activities.

The WEP Program is the preferred option for students for a few reasons:

International students enjoy flexibility when choosing a school or a specific town. In this regard, WEP-USA has a huge school database that includes public and private establishments located in different destinations. These options provide individuals with flexibility and help them make the right choice considering such aspects as safety, learning opportunities, and more.

The exchange program includes leading schools based on their academic reputations, extracurricular activities, and scientific and other projects. Overall, WEP is developed to accommodate various needs and address students’ academic aspirations with different backgrounds. One of the main reasons for individuals to choose an American school is based on the fact that program participants receive diplomas, certificates, and can realize their academic potential through different programs and projects related to the enrollment process.

The WEP program allows students to prepare for their SATs, college admissions, and to complete academic or personal interests to the fullest extent possible. Children who are enrolled in private schools have the option of continuing their studies there for the following year(s). In addition to accommodating any budget, WEP offices offer guidance to students and their families on what works for them and what has the greatest impact on their futures.

What is the duration of your program?

Short-term studying (2-3 months)

A short-term educational experience with WEP is good for students who want to improve their English, meet new people, and get to know another culture over the summer holidays or another short period. The main appeal is that students can live like locals and have vivid cultural experiences when attending a school. The most popular time is before June, July, or late August to ensure students return home right before the next school year begins.

Long-term studying

  • Option 1: Students stay a semester and study for 4 or 6 months.
  • Option 2: Students can stay for a study year and spend 9-10 months in the U.S.
  • Option 3: Students may choose to spend 11 or 12 months abroad.

A student can spend up to a year living as an overseas teenager through WEP’s long-term programs. No matter how long individuals choose to stay, they can learn more about the host culture and gain a new perspective on the world. A second language is often an outstanding advantage for students who study abroad in non-English speaking countries. According to the country of choice, semesters and year-long programs enlist students twice a year.

The Advantages of Hosting Students

Every party involved benefits from the program in various ways. For instance, public and private schools get tuitions that greatly increase the overall educational revenue. Apart from economic advantages, American schools that enroll international students also contribute to the positive cultural perceptions and initiate a good turn of events for all involved. This means that students who return home use their experience to get high-level positions in their countries, reinforcing positive inputs within the American foreign diplomacy field.

Private and Public WEP Schools

To participate in WEP-USA, schools have to be accredited and certified. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is one of the agencies responsible for accreditation. Also, educational establishments have to be SEVP-Approved before they can be allowed to enroll international students.

WEP Students

Apart from being of the required age and passing psychological evaluations, students should also be motivated to study abroad and do their best. For this reason, candidates undergo testing and interviews. It should also be pointed out that students are not required to live with an approved family and they can choose, if they like, a boarding option, provided that a school they have selected offers such an alternative. To help participants adapt better, they receive a monthly allowance. Moreover, all students have medical insurance to take care of their physical and mental needs.

WEB-USA Academic Requirements that Students should Meet

Because there is no unifying academic standard, schools can change their expectations for international learners state by state. It is also sometimes possible for program candidates to match the grades they get home with the grades of a school in the United States. Moreover, students should also take 4 or more courses, for instance, U.S. history, English, Government, and others. The choice of courses can be based on students’ preferences to make the process of performing well easier.

Extracurricular Activities

It is important for WEP students to participate in school and community activities, as these are excellent ways for them to meet new friends, experience more positive things and prevent possible culture shock. Moreover, such activities help understand cultural practices better making American school life even more exciting for students. However, while WEP-USA guarantees students’ enrollment in school, it is not responsible for their participation in different teams. Extracurricular activities are something students have to organize for themselves if they feel inclined to do so.

Graduation Options

WEP is greatly appreciated by students because they can receive a diploma at the end of their studies. However, the decision to give a diploma or not is up to the school authorities. Some schools make it a vital point of the program to grant diplomas to international students while others deny program participants such ceremonies. Regardless of the outcomes, students are always informed about proper procedures and academic expectations.

Why is WEP the Best Choice for Schools and Students?

United States based WEP offers unique opportunities and ensures that every student receives personalized attention. The program also sets realistic goals and expectations that help participants realize their academic potential and learn more in the process. Such an approach also enables them to make informed decisions that may have the best impact on their future. Once selected, there are also information sessions and orientations developed to assist students with their needs and prepare for studying and living abroad.

Students’ Responses to WEP

According to data, about 98% of participants greatly enjoy the experiences and share positive reviews about families, school, and the overall learning process. Notably, the program has existed for more than 20 years and continues to develop and ensure positive outcomes for every international learner. Presently, WEP-USA strives to achieve its main mission, which is to guarantee quality experiences for people from different corners of the world.

Additional Experiences that Students Receive

Apart from learning about culture, students meet new friends and receive valuable interpersonal experiences. They also enjoy traveling and becoming the first students from their respective countries. Meanwhile, the program also changes and constantly solves new logistical challenges, develops an interesting curriculum, and focuses on other matters that become a part of the daily lives of thousands of students.

The Scale of the World Education Program

WEP is present worldwide and has offices in 8 countries where trained experts work with students and schools and are constantly ready to help potential applicants.

Financial Aid and WEP Scholarships

A number of WEP’s most deserving participants who need financial aid are awarded full scholarships every year. During the selection process, the rules and application process are clearly explained from the beginning. Providing these scholarships allows WEP to help successful students fulfill their dream of studying overseas, regardless of their ability to pay the entire program fee.


The WEP team focuses on making the process of studying enjoyable for international students by developing new policies, services, and providing guarantees. All participants are surveyed during and after their stay to evaluate the feedback carefully, including information from our overseas partners. Such an approach allows the team to monitor the process carefully and improve it when needed.


In explaining WEP programs to students, travelers, and volunteers, WEP staff aims to provide a clear and realistic understanding of what an experience abroad can entail. It is important to have timely information so that all key elements of the program can be understood at once.

WEP 2.0

WEP-USA integrates new technological decisions to facilitate the process for students and schools. The program implements online training courses and focuses on developing online platforms that help interested parties get all the needed information using dynamic and user-friendly websites. To prevent any issues, WEB relies on an online database system and its backup. It increases its presence on social media and other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and more. Overall, online applications, WEP email communications, and Skype interviews allow for more efficient processes and systems, as well as a reduction in time and resources.

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